Investment Management
The Foundation offers investment options that your church can utilize for its savings, reserve, designated, or endowment accounts. We are typically able to provide these services at no additional cost to your church.

Demand Cash Fund

Demand Cash Fund (DCF) can be a great option for your church’s savings or reserve funds. The assets in DCF are invested in a manner where they are covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or are obligations of the United States Treasury, up to any amount. Unit price is fixed at $1 per share, and there are no time limits, withdrawal limits, minimums or penalties. Currently, DCF has an annual yield of 4.75%, compounded weekly.

Spending Plan Fund

Spending Plan Fund (SPF) seeks total return while distributing a pre-determined annual percentage (the “spending rate”) as set by ABF’s Board. It is ideal for scholarships or endowments where the intent is for income to be used to fund ministry, and principal is to remain untouched. Currently the SPF annual distribution rate is 5% of the previous 20 quarter average unit value.


Other Funds

ABF offers a menu of other common funds. These are available to your church if a custom allocation is desired. Please see our Disclosure Statement below for more information.

Investment Management Forms