Services for Churches & Ministries

The Foundation seeks to serve, advise, and encourage ministries toward a Biblical worldview, especially as it relates to best stewarding the resources that they have been given.

The Foundation supports pastors and ministry leaders by:

  • Serving as a resource for estate planning, charitable giving, and governance issues
  • Administering charitable gifts benefitting Arkansas Baptist churches and entities
  • Providing oversight to a ministry’s investment structure and strategy
  • Aggregating kingdom resources to maximize pricing efficiencies
  • Offering investment options for reserve and designated funds
  • Consulting churches and entities through capital campaigns
The Kingdom Path
The Foundation has been blessed by the process of seeking the Kingdom Path in every decision we make, and we invite you to participate with us in God’s work to be faithful stewards and obedient disciples. As The Choice states, “with this perspective, disciples are blessed, ministry is accomplished, and God gets all the glory.”
ChurchEXCEL is designed to assist you in your stewardship journey by providing the following resources: webinars, electronic tax guides, eBooks, toolboxes, podcasts, and more. By becoming a member, you will receive access to all the resources provided by ECFA.

Services for Individuals

The Foundation seeks to serve, advise, and encourage individuals toward a Biblical worldview, especially as it relates to best living a life of stewardship.

The Foundation supports Arkansas Baptists by:

  • Helping them make Kingdom impact with the resources with which they have been blessed
  • Providing free estate planning for any Arkansas Baptist in denominational service
  • Offering gift planning assistance for those benefitting evangelical causes
  • Serving as trustee, agent, and/or executor for charitable estates
  • Administering various scholarship opportunities to students pursuing an undergraduate or a seminary degree
Our Ministry Partners

Thank you, Arkansas Baptists, for allowing us to serve through your Cooperative Program Giving!